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Mahek Mudgal


A Pavilion near the Bandstand - Display Gallery

The Display Gallery near Bandstand at Kamati Baug, Vadodara is inspired from the open facade, free movement and radiality seen in/around the site, Bandtand. Hence, the intent is to design a pavilion ,based entirely on a radial grid and to create a free flowing space which is strongly connected to its existing landscape and sunk underground to maintain the integrity of the Bandstand. The principle of Movement and Pause is distinctively seen by breaking the grid to create pause points and allowing a free flowing movement through the space: a unique experience for each person walking a different path.

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Report Content

Historical Precedents- Adalaj Ni Vav

Space Making Models

Concept Development and Process

Design Development- Step by Step Process

Site Plan

Longitudanal Section and Plans ( at +1 m and - 0.5 m)

Transverse Sections

Exploded View and 3D Views of Design

Final Model