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Kamya Komalprasad Sahu


A Pavilion Near the Banyan Tree - Dance Studio

The site is located within the dense greenery of Kamatibaug, Vadodara. The Pavilion, which serves as a Dance Studio is situated near the Banyan Tree. The structure shows bulges in the beam grid which gradually increases towards the side facing the Banyan Tree. The spaces formed within these bulges are the 'release spaces' (informal) from where the grid starts to bifurcate so that the structure can become less rigid and also merge with the surrounding environment without disturbing it. These bifurcations leads to spaces which are more formal. Several experiences are created inside the pavilion by the play of levels.

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Report Content

Space Vocabulary

Initial design process and explorations

Exploring the form of the grid and the skin through models and sketches

Site Plan and Roof Plan

Plan at +1.5M and Plan at -0.5M

Section AA' and BB'

Section CC' and DD'

Final physical model with close-up views

Exploded and Rendered Views