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Sanskriti Raju


Book Studio - A Pavilion adjacent to a Banyan Tree

A library in the form of a pavilion that wraps around a banyan tree and caters to the general public that visit the garden - Kamati Baug, Vadodara. It is characterised by the idea of the book storage being restricted only to the corridor which emphasizes the movement and pause within the building at the various spaces radiating from the central corridor. The idea that one can surf through the books like they would the internet and then rest in the spaces to experience the books and the space is instilled.

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Report Content

Case Study of the Adalaj Ni Vav Stepwell to understand principles like heirarchy, movement and pause, degree of enclosure and light and shadow

Space Vocabulary Models to understand each principle of design in isolation

Site Context

Sketches to Understand the space as well as particular details while learning and exploring structure of the project

Floor Plan

Floor Plans

Roof Plan

Models of the Project

Cross Sections to understand the level differences and the extent of each of the spaces