Paryul Jain


Design Fundamentals Of Spacemaking

The Bandstand located in Kamati Baug, Vadodara is an existing site that includes a geometry of radially projected lines extended from the center of the bandstand. The intent of this design proposal is to decipher the language of the existing bandstand in terms of its geometry and structure of the pavilion. This pavilion is a dance studio organized axially to bandstand and goes underground with the path acting as a tunnel. The tunnel leads to an amphitheatre where the dance performances takes place. The circulation is conceived to be more interactive by designing a bridge over the ground to pass through the tunnel. The bridge gives a view of the pavilion on one side, bandstand on the other and the dance performances in the amphitheatre. 

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Historical Precedents

Design Fundamentals of Space making

Concept Sketches

Process Sketches

Site Plan and Site Section

Plan at +0.6 LVL. Mt.

Plan at +3.0 LVL. Mt., Plan at -1.2 LVL. Mt., Plan at -2.5 LVL. Mt.

Section - BB', Cross-Sections - CC' - DD' -EE'