Shreya K



The Planetarium at Kamatibaug, Vadodara is a unique building in terms of its geometry and structure. Taking its form and shape as a structure but not overpowering it in a way it hinders its glory was the initial intent of the proposal. Hence the concept of mass and void with the planetarium was implemented with the void being dug from beneath the earth. From all the organizational principles, this proposal highlights introvert and extrovert and centrality. A sense of moving from extroverted to introverted spaces back and forth is instilled through the varying levels. 

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Historical Precedents- Sun Temple, Modhera

Space Models

Natyashetra- Concept Process

Natyashetra- Intent and Plans

Natyashetra- Plans

Natyashetra- Sections

Natyashetra- Section

Natyashetra- Sectional Isometric views

Natyashetra- 3D Rendered Views

Natyashetra- Final Model