Anirudh Ramesh


Noolagam- A Book Studio by the river

The Book studio consists of a central spine of stairs gently moving downwards towards the river, flanked by two sets of corridors with minimal wall partitions inbetween. To honor the river, the facade gradually opens up towards the river edge. The stairs terminate at the lowest level and then take a turn, moving towards the basement lounge. Rather than letting the Spine remain an independent entity, the stair landings merge with the surrounding floor slabs. The studio uses a modular concept intended to give each user a sense of privacy in a public space, creating internal spaces through the bookshelves.

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Report Content

A group study on spatial aspects of the Sun temple, Modhera helped in understanding how use of light & the concept of introverted & extroverted spaces helped in creating an experience in moving through the temple.

Space models helped articulate understanding and ideas of different spatial concepts, and some of these ideas were applied later on in making the Book Studio.

Site study and Analysis of the River Edge. The Stairs moving towards the river were of particular interest, reminding me of the Ghats at Varanasi. They showed gradual movement towards the river and lowering of datum.

Based on Site analysis, a design was developed utilising a grid system. The design slid downwards rather than forcefully cutting into the contour.

Models were used to resolve the structural framework and develop the Skin.

Plans at varying levels

Long Sections

Cross Sections with Conceptual sketches.

The Sectional Isometric provides a better understanding of activities taking place inside each space.

The final physical model.