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Stuthi Raajesh Mehta


Pradarsana: A Display Gallery by the River edge

The pavilion is located on the banks of Vishwamitri River at Kamatibaug, Vadodara. Gathering inspiration from the levels of the contours present on site, a design for a display gallery was created. The entrance being at a distance from the river edge and at the highest level, one gravitates towards the water body in the process of which they pass the aisles of the display gallery. What starts of as three separate aisles, the spaces merge and open up as one moves forward. A main axis is followed throughout the pavilion by a flight of stairs that leads one to the second level that goes 3 meters under. Following the same axis, a deck is placed, closest to the river which creates a connection with nature. This design brings out the order of a grid with the present column and beam frame structure. Being a display gallery, the presence of wall stands important which is brought out by the process of inserting and omitting walls in this frame structure. 

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Report Content

Analysing the circulation within the spaces of Villa Savoye.

Understanding the vocabulary of space making through plans and models.

Laying out the steps that led to the design of the display gallery.

Plans at various levels.

Long section AA' and a view of the southwest elevation.

Long Sections BB' and CC'.

Short sections DD' and EE' along with a view of the southeast elevation.

Exploded view as well as a physical model of the final design of the gallery.

Rendered views of the display gallery.