Faculty: Jigna Desai | Khushi Shah | Mrudula Mane | Sarvesh Alshi

TA: Juhi Bafna

Foundation Studio

The Foundation Studio was focused on imparting and developing essential skills and understanding of conservation processes with an aim to build students’ capacity for engagement with complexities of built heritage conservation. The exercises included an introduction to research, recording, documentation, traditional building materials and structures, analysis of historic sites and synthesis of data and information on built heritage through different modules. The course strengthened the understanding of behavior of structures and introduced students to identification and assessment of material deterioration, structural distress and failure as well as explores various approaches of structural repairs and conservation. It also explored key texts in conservation and built a discussion on ethics in conservation.

The course was divided into the following modules:
1. Documentation for built Heritage
2. Analysis, Interpretation and Value Assessment
3. Understanding Traditional building materials (supported by Conservation Lab)
4. Structural Conservation (supported by Conservation Lab)
5. Key Texts in Conservation