Riddhi Doshi


B.R.Ambedkar Hall, Saraspur, Ahmedabad

The design intends to activate the region culturally through the introduction of a performance space that caters to all forms of storytelling and drama, a form of art quite prevalent in the city. In addition to the performance space, an academic institution for the same supports the intent by providing a platform for the people of Saraspur to engage with the world of storytelling. The hierarchy of privacy achieved by providing pockets of public spaces ensures the free flow of movement of the public and scattered distribution in the premises. These spaces also hold formal and informal activities all year.

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Inquiry into Performance Space: Sarnsara Learning Centre, Thailand

Zone of Influence

Site Analysis

Programmatic and Spatial Strategies

Ground Floor Plan


Perspective Section BB'

Exploded Isometric View

Physical Model | Sightline Section | Rendered Views