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Aashvi Vipulkumar Trivedi


The City and Performance Space | Shyamal | Ahmedabad

The site is located at Shyamal crossroad which is a major crossroads in the Satellite suburbs of Ahmedabad. The projects caters to the need of creating open public spaces in such a dense and fast moving neighborhood, along with the need for a new cultural centre which takes the form of the performance space. The shopping complex and the office respond to the rapid commercialization of the locality and the need to generate revenue at such an exorbitant site. Addressing issues like vehicular and pedestrian traffic at such a busy junction, circulation has been articulated so as to allow for an easy vehicular entry and exit and a pedestrian journey which goes hand in hand with the shopping experience. The public plaza aims to become the gathering center which allows for movement into all three programs as well as allows for multitude of activities of different scales within itself. 

Report Content

Inquiry into Performance space

Inquiry into Public space

Site Analysis

Site Analysis

Final Project - Narrative & Design Development




Views Showing Activity in the Plaza