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Patel Preet


The City and Performing Space- Saraspur | Ahmedabad

Revitalization of Saraspur through performing Art Centre-Introduction of a learning school adding greater influence on eastern part of the city, will not only ensure an auditorium but also encourage newer generations to take part in learning art. Bringing awareness about different art forms and cultural diversity. Also become a place for annual functions happening in nearby schools. Versatility in terms of usage of place is imagined which will help to create a free flow of movement and publicness utilizing the space in such a way that it remains active throughout the year concerning the threat of becoming abundant in future. 

Report Content

Case Study - Taipei Performing Art Centre

Site Study- Saraspur

Site Study- Saraspur

Program and Spatial Narrrative

Process diagrams and design development

View of the building with context

Floor plans


Exploded isometric

Views of the building