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Bhanumathi V V


Ambivalent tobacco heritage for regeneration of Dharmaj

The Village of Dharmaj was taken up for the Urban Regeneration studio where the fabric of the village was studied through site mapping, detailed analysis. The village had migration and most of the heritage houses were abandoned and empty filled with tobacco crops, aiding the deterioration. The design intervention was to create adaptive reuse and an awareness ,with the industrial heritage and economic backbone of Dharmaj- Tobacco. This project develops from GroupWork conducted as a part of studio processes that preceded individual lines of inquiry. Click on the button below (view additional work) to view GroupWork.

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Report Content

1. Site mapping and understanding

2. Identifying the cultural assets

3. Introduction to context

4. Site understanding in accordance with tobacco indsutry

5. Archival history of Tobacco

6. Significance and stakeholder assessment

7. One cluster detailed analysis

8. Design intervention strategy

9. Pilot cluster detail and tobacco trail