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Priyanka Arjunsingh Baghel


Dharmaj - Retaining the character of street fabric

The diaspora of Dharmaj has transcended a lot of technological and architectural influences to their ancestral lands, which the current domicile community has attempted to retain as it is. The village streets bind this confluence of global architectural styles and let the users visually and functionally interact with the identified values. The proposal aims to retain the street characters that are being impacted due to the consequences of recent commercialization and urbanization.
This project develops from GroupWork conducted as a part of studio processes that preceded individual lines of inquiry. Click on the button below (view additional work) to view GroupWork.

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Report Content

Identifying cultural assets of Dharmaj

Value Assessment

Statement of Significance

Street Analysis

Transforming streets

Character of Main Bazaar Street

Street Elevations


Project Video