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Amriteshwari Arun


Dharmaj : Retaining the Sense of Continuity

The transnational and regional migration influenced the growth in the development of settlement. Change is inevitable and henceforth it is influencing the built fabric along with the contemporary needs. Understanding the true sense of the place ,people's association to their home  and associated challenges one faces,  help in developing strategies to retain the character of the settlement. Through civic engagement of analyzing the areas  which also includes  the decisions of the community help in identify ways to develop guidelines and recommendation to retain sense of place.
This project develops from GroupWork conducted as a part of studio processes that preceded individual lines of inquiry. Click on the button below (view additional work) to view GroupWork.

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Report Content

Understanding the Building use , road network and he density of the built environment

Analysing the settlement. Identifying cultural assets

Understanding the Built Environment

Understanding the Character of the Place

Arriving significance of the place. Mapping different aspects of built environment

Incremental changes and associated conditions

Incremental changes and associated conditions

Community Engagement. Identifying the challenges. Scope of the proposal

Proposal and strategies.

Implementing guidelines.