Shagun Gupta


Kinetic Façade System

The studio intent on which all the 3 exercises were based upon form finding and system development through set of experiments trying to achieve global curvature. The proposed design responsive kinetic façade based upon a process of combining physical prototyping, and parametric design tools to evaluate the performance of the same on the facade system. It presents the possibility of components to respond to environmental conditions and changing state of facades. In this project, a kinetic façade opening and closing mechanism is explored and developed for an office space in Dubai. Inspired from auxetics which was further explored to achieve a desired dynamic movement for the façade. The selected location and building demanded a system development to optimize the interior conditions according to the time of the day during office hours, like controlled daylight and radiation, and these factors were approached and studied using appropriate software. The analysis helped us to create an elegant yet smart and performative façade system which improves the thermal performance and efficiency of a building.

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Natural System - Pinecone

Natural System - Pinecone

Natural System - Pinecone

City and Building Analysis - Fitness Criteria

Module Development

Module Analysis

Site Analysis - Final Design

Assembly and Visualization

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