Vishakha Kalpeshbhai Soni


Pinching Origami Facade System

Natural forms, materials, the behavior of natural systems, and the structure of elements all inspire biomimetics design. They are all reacting to surroundings. The project is set in Kochi, Kerala, which has hot, and humid climate. The current site is surrounded on by a glass facade, which illuminates the commercial building with light. A pinching origami module has been developed to provide natural ventilation while reducing the amount of illuminance. . Multiple iterations were examined in order to create a module that responds to the building's fitness standards. The goal of designing a pinching origami facade by replacing glass, is to bring ventilation and reduce the lux level in the building.

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Exercise 1 - Doubly curved

Exercise 1 - Doubly curved

Exercise 2- Light weight Structure - Biology and Building

Exercise 3- City and site

Exercise 3- Natural system and building analysis

Exercise 3- Module

Exercise 3- Module 1 iterations

Exercise 3- Module 2 iterations

Exercise 3-Wind Analysis

Exercise 3- 3D view