Faculty: Ratna Shah | Errol Reubens

TA: Harsh Vyas


As cities become denser, resources deplete, economies recalibrate and unprecedented events disrupt the normal, traditional structures of working and collaborating are undergoing alteration. The global pandemic has made us realize and re-question the modes of working and collaborating. In the immediate present, the workspace dynamics are altering globally to become decentralized and grow inward, in turn, reconfiguring the interiors for the diverse, the shared and for active exchange.

In this studio, we will look at the deviants to the normal that will cause certain connections as possible solutions to the new ways of working or “co-working”. Key concepts of ‘community’, ‘well-ness’ and ‘collaboration’ would become the launching points to understand and define the new workspace interiority. Creating interiors that have a design language derived out of qualitative and metaphorical allusion to aspects of “work space” would be used as a primary design tool. Each initial exercise would delve into the aspects of spatial environments driven by narratives, intangible elements driven by tectonic studies as well as systems and materiality driven by services and material atmospheres.

Studio Unit

Studio journey and its structure

STAGE 1_Sense-See-Tise: Visualizing the Narrative, Narrating the Visual and Staging the Space_Exercises to build translation and imagination skills.

STAGE 2 & 3_Collate & Analyze: Analyzing through diagramming_relationship of macro to micro and vice versa

STAGE 4_The Blank Canvas: Site observations and responses, Programmatic studies, Adjacency studies and Image Imagining

STAGE 4_The Blank Canvas: The Guest in the Host.....Developing and detailing the final design with materiality.