Faculty: Mudra Shah | Janki Contractor

Encounters with the past: Exploring approaches towards interventions in a historic context

The studio aimed at understanding the relationship between the new and the historically built through a Heritage Interpretation Centre. It had a vision of educating the designer in developing an appropriate method of intervention, based on a theme, in a particular context. The studio was broadly divided into following stages:

1) Conceptualizing the Theme of Interpretation Center and Clarifying the Internal Spatial Experience through Narrative, Storyboards and Models.

2) Exploring Clarity of Concept through Space Planning and Organizational Drawings.

3) Making informed decisions regarding Design Language, Materials and Details such that the experience of space is enhanced.

The design proposals were an outcome of integral studies based on form, scale, and spatial relationships which complement the existing historic structures. To be able to explore solutions of spatial organization, inside-outside connections, fenestrations, ventilation, etc at the same time consciously steering the design towards achieving an intended design language forms an integral part of the studio.