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Aditi Banka


Alfresco : Outdoor Furniture System for Food Vendors

The purpose of the studio was to understand the working of a street, based on the parameters of the structure, material behavior, vandalism-proof, ergonomics & proportion. The street study and analysis helped to develop a brief that catered to the needs of the related stakeholders and attain an organized enterprise. Alfresco is outdoor furniture, designed in such a way that a single concrete module serves the purpose of a table and a bench. Two modules come together to form a table, which caters to the food vendor, and one module when rotated acts as a bench, which caters to the people who come to eat from the food vendors.

Report Content

Site Introduction & Data Collection

Site Analysis

Design brief & Initial concepts

Concept Development & Explorations

Iterations & Study Models

Design Brief, Systems & Orthographic Drawings

Component Drawing & Details

Hardware, Exploded Isometric & Assembly

Prototype making & Final Images


Project Video