Rashmil Rajagopalan Rajitha


EDDY - Pirouetting Retail for Street

The pedagogy for the studio focuses on understanding furniture design in an outdoor environment based on the parameters of Structure, Material Behaviour, Vandalism-Sensitive,  Ergonomics and Proportion at a human (user) scale. The preceding exercises of Site Analysis, Material Study,  results in developing a strong DESIGN BRIEF that caters to the identified stakeholders. Using this methodology,  a conceptualized outdoor furniture 'EDDY' - a Pirouetting Retail for Street was proposed for the studied and analyzed site of CG Road. EDDY is conceptualized to enhance the retail experience for the street display vendors & potential customers socially, emotionally and physically.

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Site & Stakeholders' Study

Design Brief & Vendor Study

Study & Analysis

Concepts & Iterations

Orthographic Drawings


Components & Details

Components & Details

Components & Details


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