Faculty: Rajendra Mistry | Jaymin Panchasara

TA: Ahmed Khan

Outdoor Furniture

Assignment 1: Exploring the properties
To study rigid materials & flexible materials and explore their properties to interchange their properties by making rigid material flexible & vice versa. Make models which showcases your experience.

Assignment 2: Outdoor Furniture
Every outdoor space has a character and its usage. To further enhance the character of the outdoor space aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture piece is required. The furniture piece should not only adapt human behaviour but also serve as a sculptural element, thus giving a visual identity to the outdoors.

Project Brief: Study the existing campuses/ private localities and their outdoors. Design and develop a furniture piece that enhances the usage and the aesthetical value of the campus. One needs to study human behaviour and postures while they are in the outdoors. One has to consider the materials & production capabilities along with ergonomics, safety measures, recyclability & self-sustainability.

Production drawings to be prepared and a full-scale prototype is to be made and tested in the selected environments.

Studio Unit

Exploration in properties of material: Study rigid and flexible materials and explore their properties and interchange their characteristics by making rigid material flexible and flexible material rigid.

Site Analysis: Understanding the dynamics of the site, user analysis and finding the opportunities and the need of the site.

Conceptual Explorations: Conceptual Sketches and Models. Exploring through scaled models and understanding the structure of the furniture.

Drawings, Material used and Hardware.

Final Outcome: Making process and its documentation, final prototypes and models and views of the site.