Faculty: Mihir Bedekar

Urban insert: Making of a shared space

Indian cities are expanding at a rapid pace with large scale migration and unmitigated real estate growth. Distances between the residence and the workplace is ever increasing, causing the commute to become an integral part of the day to day routine. This has led to an apparent need for Public Transport system which is cost effective and user friendly. Amongst the available options of modes of Transport, the bus is the most prevalent as it is economically feasible and uses the existing Primary road network in the city. But even for the Bus system to work efficiently there is a need for some physical infrastructure such as waiting areas, signages and other amenities. This physical infrastructure in most cases needs to get built in an existing urban fabric. Hence, these are urban objects that fulfil a certain function but can also facilitate and manipulate the daily activities of people living in the immediate neighborhood.

The aim of the studio was to make a physical insert that would encourage people to use the public bus system with a clear focus on its design and construction. The students were equipped to develop documentation skills, organize the program in plans, different construction techniques and materials, and to use models as a design tool.