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Atharva Dave


MEPF Design for a Four-Star Hotel in Dwarka

With the aim of the studio being the proper implementation, design and utilization of different building services encompassed within a single project, in order to do the same me and my group partner chose to work on a four-star hotel in Dwarka. The scope of work included the complete design of the Utility systems required for the project. That includes but is not limited to precise calculations, appropriate assumptions, design considerations, market research of all available products, design drawings and preparation of a 3D Model in a Building information Modelling (BIM) software. Click here for elaborate Portfolio

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Report Content

A brief introduction about the Project and it's characteristic.

Population and Consumption calculations along with other preliminary plumbing calculations.

Vertical and Horizontal pipe calculations.

Drainage slope calculations along with Pump capacity derivation.

Fire fighting layout for specific floors along wtih Sprinkler calculations.

Electrical wiring and conduit layout for Typical floor coupled with Consumption calculations.

HVAC layout for typical floor and calculations for one hotel room.

BIM Clashes + Interference checks and resolutions.

Rendered views and Quantity Analysis

Site Visit, site photos and learning outcomes of the same.