Faculty: Bhargav Tewar | Anjanee Patel | Nikunj Dave

TA: Dhruvi Swami | Shivam Soni

Waste Management Through Application in Construction

With the current pace of modernization and industrial development, there is a tremendous increase in waste generation in last two decades. Wastes are generated in most of the industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, packaging etc. These wastes such as slag, bagasse, rice husk, glass, waste tyre, fly ash etc. are potential hazard to the environment. Fine dust size particles pollutes air and other pollutes ground water through leachates from their landfills. Biggest concern is about accumulation and disposal of these wastes.
This studio aims at developing process of using waste/byproducts in construction which will lead to comparatively greener construction materials. Students will have an opportunity to explore for specific industrial waste and study its composition and possible usage in construction. This will be carried out with a definite process of detailed study of waste, its effect on environment, possibility in usage in construction, development of prototype of any material with different proportions of waste and detailed study of properties of developed product.
Students will get exposure to in depth analysis of effect of waste on environment, probable use of waste in construction products and their performance against regular available materials.

Studio Unit

Course description and modules

Module 1 & 2_ Exploring industries, their wastes and potential use

Module 2_Group exercise

Module 3_ Exploring construction application with use of agricultural, Construction & demolition and plastic waste

Module 3_Exploring construction application with use of plastic waste and overall process