Tackling a Design Problem


The culmination of the semester is an exercise in  tackling a design problem which requires the use  of all the skills and abilities the students have  developed by then. It is an introduction to the design process, addressing aspects from conceptualization  and conducting research to put together different  kinds of case studies, to articulating a design intent and following through on it. The focus is on the ability  to understand the programme, respond logically to a given site and climatic conditions, taking into account adjacencies and space organization and deriving dimensions by making use  of principles of anthropometry and ergonomics,  and  proposing final layout of the design.  
The students make choices in the presentation of  the proposal, using appropriately plans, sections,  elevations, drawings of detail and models at diff erent  scales and adding supporting text to make their intention clear.  
The process and final outcomes are discussed with  external experts in a jury which is also the students’  opportunity to listen to responses to their work  off ered by design professionals.