Desai Aastha Kalrav


Tomb of Saifuddin and Nizamuddin

The tomb of Saifuddin and Nizamuddin, located in Sojali, Gujarat, was built in the 15th century having its own architectural identity within the Gujarat Region. Two major tombs in the same vicinity standing intact today with a story that is passing through generations, a memory of sharing an association with a person (late Mubarak sayyid) and his family. The continuous attachment of the society with the site physically and spiritually in today’s time shows the sacredness of the religious belief and its use for social gatherings. The Indo-Islamic style of construction using a simple square base covered with double heighted dome, using brick and lime mortar. Here the symmetry and the rhythm in the structure are followed by arches on the façade and in the circulation passage. The structure arches act as space dividers and structural elements to support the roof and a base for domes, where a series of domes surrounding the main chamber gives a unique aesthetic appeal. A place that is worshiped by the people, a place which is respected by people, a place that is shared for religious and recreational purposes, provides a glimpse of the distinctive cultural association of people with the building today. 

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Documentation Drawings

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