Khushi Makwana


Architecture of Nuances : The connectors

The Kaligam cultural and community center is a hub for cultural events, performances, art exhibitions and music festivals for the people of the city of Ahmedabad. The other part of the project supports the women of the village. It has production units as workshops in traditional areas and café for the women. The entire center will be run and managed by the women. The project also explores sustainable systems considering the locality and the climate of the region. The initial warm up exercises sensitized us to experiences and the little nuances. Learnings from it inspired nuances within the design.

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Report Content

Initial exercises: Narratives, memory drawings and creating objects.

Site selection and larger strategy

Site drawings and nuances

Program and form making

Form development and systems

Form development and nuances in design

Site planning

Final design resolution and drawings

Final design resolution and drawings

Model documentation