Gandhi Bansari Tushar



Sabarmati River is offering the public edge since the beginning. After the development of the riverfront, it is the more active edge of the city. Unfortunately, this activeness is lacking towards Calico Mills Campus due to complex surroundings. So to make that edge as active as the whole riverfront edge, a Textile Museum is proposed, which will help to make an addition for the riverfront skyline as well as a new Public Landmark along with the whole campus. Hence, a new connection is developed on a riverfront as an intervention of Ahmedabad City.

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Report Content

Ex.1 - Memory Narratives and abstract sketches. Ex.2 - Dismantling of daily objects and making new objects from those parts.

Site selection with the Larger strategy at the urban level and the proposal for the Master Plan.

SIte Plan and sections through and surrounding the site, along with the Nuances experienced in the site.

The Program distribution and form development for the forms and placement of forms on site iterations.

The new form development and the iterations for the elevation for facing the riverfront and mobility through the site.

Explorations for the form of the wall along with the experiences in each space with the sequences.

DIagrams for the movement in the museum and courtyards and sections.

Sections through the museum spaces and Courtyards.

Sections through the museum spaces and Courtyards.

Overall building forms and elevations and views.