Aishwarya Mahadevan


Peripheral Onset

Bangalore is surrounded by agricultural land and state forests at its periphery; and with its high and rapid urban growth, there is a possibility for it to continue to grow in the same concentric trend. The larger idea of the project is to preserve these green zones and envision them as green buffers between the existing Bangalore and foreseeable new Bangalore, with small institutions within these buffers as hubs of social and cultural value.
 With farming activities already going on in the periphery of the city, of which Sarjapura - the chosen site - is a part, the agricultural technique of Permaculture is seen as a more holistic use of land as opposed to industrial farming, which renders the land unfit for usage after a certain period of time.  A part of the green buffers that have been envisioned as a part of the larger idea is this project of a large permaculture forest and farming with an institution that teaches, practices and explores it. 

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Narratives and sketches from memories

Larger strategy, site selection and nuances

Process: Form exploration, site strategies

Process: Form development, activities and water system

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Ground floor plan and site sections

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