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Hari Patel


A Pixel in time : cemetery for the victims of pandemic

The project focuses on the journey to the event of death. The idea of "from being to nothing" has been explored by focusing on the process of disintegration. As one approaches the event of death, one can only imagine the magnitude of the situation and deal with emotions arising because of it but can't really experience the death itself. There has been an attempt to bring out a series of such emotions through spaces. The process involves disintegration of a physical form through pixelation. The idea is to leave traces of the physical form during the journey before it comes to an absolute end. The idea of disintegration along with the built form has also been developed in relation to the experiential qualities of spaces and how enforcing the built gradually confines or limits the experience of certain spaces during the journey. The focus has also been on recognising the forces acting on the site to guide the process of pixelation and also to derive the organisation of the disintegrated parts and the whole building itself.

Report Content

PROCESS : conceptual idea

PROCESS : form and function based on the core idea

PROCESS : explorations through sections

PROCESS : orientation of the tube and organisation of spaces on the site | SITE PLAN

PROCESS : design process for individual parts and functions

Plans and sections

Plans and sections

Plans and sections

Material exploration for a module