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Siddharth P Cyriac


Trace - A cemetery for victims of the pandemic.

The idea that anchors the project is to have a memorial that revisits the experience of the pandemic. It takes the users on a journey of reflection by movement and getting in touch with tactile senses through varied experiences. The user will move below the surface of the island for a large part of the journey. The only entry points to various buildings will be through this underground path and once a person is within an existing space, he/she will only be able to look out and not move outwards. This experience symbolizes a significant part of the pandemic where restrictions were in place for people to be inside their homes. The journey continues as users keep travelling beneath the surface and coming out at functional spaces only to look at the landscape and not experience it. The culmination of the journey happens at the cemetery’s edge, which opens up to the vast scale of the water body. This space will be a place for reflection and contemplation, once the user has reached the end of this promenade. Then he/she will move to the central landscaped area to experience the” outside” once again signifying the end of the pandemic and return to normal life.”

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Inital exercise, pandemic abstraction

Concept generation

Site layers and process diagrams

Final plans and sections

Views and part isometric

Views and part isometric

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