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Omya Sharma


Transforming Embodied Memories into Habitable Spaces

The project encompassed a meticulously designed 3-tiered structured approach, starting with the exploration and understanding of spaces for solitude, intimacy and congregation, and the elements that give such spaces the specific qualities, ideas of body and memories and their association to spaces. These ideas were further scrutinized, evaluated, and funneled through the design processes starting from ‘My Secret Place’, a small private dwelling in a pit, located in my childhood neighbourhood, to ‘My Childhood Home’, a family home in the same pit, to finally ‘My Community Place’, a small institution, emerging out of the pit. The design process focused on embodied inhabitation of spaces as central verge along with added focus as per the need of changing contexts across the three design modules.
Full Studio Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y4d055xJGe6O-QPjuTlHdpFGNrg0DpjA/view?usp=sharing 
Blog: https://ar2031.in/category/participants/omya-sharma/
Additional Works: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/14DJ4avimYOLAVqgwFtPq4WRmxNiXboZQ

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Report Content

My Room, Portraits/ Self-Portraits and Body Studies

Design 1: My Secret Place

Case Study: Barcelona Pavilion

Portraits, Body Studies and Profiles, Vegetation Studies and Environmental Design


Design 2: My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home (contd.)

Design 3: My Community Place

My Community Place (contd.)

My Community Place (contd.)