Sneha B John


Calling back the birds

The synergy between humans and avifauna in urban areas.
Avifauna in urban areas faces larger problems of habitat loss and disturbed habitat conditions. This happens mainly due to the reclamation of land areas from their natural systems and processes, as a result of urbanization. Wetland and water bodies that are frequently exposed to these reclamations would affect the ecology of a place, the flora, and the fauna. This study is focused on the revitalization of one such area that once got reclaimed from backwaters and now is a barren wasteland, to call back the avifauna which lost their habitat due to this process of reclamation.

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Report Content

Introduction | City of Kollam | Ashtamudi Backwaters


Recording and Analyzing | Land Reclamation

Recording and Analyzing | Study of bird habitats

Site study and Analysis


Conceptual master plan

Zoning | Design development

Site plan | Sections

Project Outcome