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Devanshi Hiren Engineer


Pagathiyu : A Step Towards Better Learning and Living

“Pagathiyu” is a place that introduces them to different skills to raise their socioeconomic position in the urban city Ahmedabad. It is an anchoring point that connects them to the city by providing the information of different events, competitions and exhibitions that take place in the urban areas. The participation in such events gives them new vision and exposure and also increases self esteem. It also takes them to the historical places and educational buildings to expose them to the privileges of the city. It is an energiser that changes their thoughts about the education system and develops a desire to continue education.

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations - Initial Research Question

Mapping the Existing System - Engagement with Anganwadi Teachers and Teenagers

System Map - Inferences

Proposed Programme - Site Analysis

Design Exploration

Design Development - Plan



Section - Elevations

Engagement of Community with Design