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Rikta Gopalbhai Parikh


PRAGATI PAGLU: A small step towards development

In this neighborhood learning new things is something nobody wants to lose, it’s the hardships they face keep them away from learning. Pragati Paglu helps in developing by taking small steps towards economic improvement. It will help incorporate the skills required for management and sales and help them start off a small business in later time. The main user group will be youth from 15 to 24 years age, co-users will be the women and other people. There are four main spaces: the learning space, the reading room, semi open space and the kitchen and storage space. Group work and group learning always makes things easier and quicker hence the intervention also supports the same by having visual connection to all the spaces.

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Report Content

Initial Observations

Initial research question

Interactions and it's Conclusion

System map and Final research question

Project Idea

Site Analysis


Plan and Elevations