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Suyashi Paliwal


Samagrah: A Centre for Holistic Development

A Centre created with the objective of 'Holistic Development' of the Youth and the Children of the community (Keshavnagar Chawl), so as to benefit them economically and socially. Creating Fluid and Versatile spaces that inspire action and creativity, leading to growth at an individual and community level. The idea is to not replace formal education, but to compliment it by creating supplementary learning spaces. While the design is simple, occupiable, permeable and sociable in terms of the nature of spaces and the materials proposed, it tries to involve the users at every step (designing, construction and functionality.)

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations

Mapping the Existing System

Proposed Programme

Site Analysis

Key Spatial Concepts

Final Design Proposal: PLANS

Final Design Proposal: SECTIONS

Final Design Proposal: ELEVATIONS

Final Design Proposal: MODEL

Process of Placemaking