Malay Bijal Pandya


Setu - A method to bridge gaps

Setu aims to bridge the gaps that exist in Keshavnagar between learning and understanding, work and play and gender differences. It supports the children academically while also promoting freedom and innovative thinking. Hence children and teenagers are the major users of the space. Collaborative learning, tinkering, STEM learning, robotics, A/V learning, group study, creatives, extra curriculars and other activities take place here. Spaces are designed to be open, flexible, inviting and inspiring so as to be used comfortably by people with different preferences, creating interactions, opportunities and a sense of ownership.

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations

Mapping The Existing System

Proposed Programme

Site Selection and Site Analysis

Key Spatial Concepts

Design Development

Final Design Proposal - Setu - Plans and Models

Final Design Proposal - Setu - Sections

Virtual Model

Process of Placemaking and Reflection