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Bhaumik Kiranbhai Suthar


Sharuaat - Training centre for future trainers

This program aims to train the youth of Keshavanagr and make them able to train the upcoming generation of the Keshavanagar and also youth and children in other such communities and settlements. In this program, youth is also given the motivation to pass the 10th and 12th board and also contains a job information center. Also as their practice of passing knowledge various group age and gender group of Keshavanagar become the part of this program exposing these future trainers to various type of people. which can help them grow the understanding of selecting various methods as per the demand. also, this program allows youth from other such communities and from Keshavanagr to be part of this in order to connect the Keshavanagr with the rest of the city.

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Preliminary Observations

Mapping the Existing System - Engagement with Anganwadi Teachers and Teenagers

Proposed Programme - Site Analysis

Key Spatial Concepts

Design Development





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