Riddhi Doshi


Sopan - Climbing the rungs of opportunity

In the close-knit community of Keshavnagar, Sopan aims to 'enable' and provide opportunities for the youth and children towards self and community development. Providing training in technology, communication, and other important skills, Sopan is envisioned to be a center with dynamic and versatile spaces, aiding maximum possibilities of group formations and spill-overs for workshops. With an incremental design through the choice of material and structure, Sopan is thought to be a transformable space, with the possibility of changes whenever and however needed.The spaces are envisioned to be multi-purposive, while also being familiar (in some sense) with the surroundings. 

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Report Content

Getting to Know Keshavnagar

Mapping the Existing System || Key Takeaways

Proposed Programme

Site Analysis

Spatial Design Concepts

Final Design Proposal - Plans



Physical Model with Context

Process of Place-Making