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Karthika A V


Unnayan: An advance towards earning through learning

Unnayan is a Learning Centre in Keshavnagar which caters to 13 to 18 year olds for furbishing their skills and intensifying their interest in core subjects taught in school through fun activities. The intervention aims in enhancing confidence and attaining recognition and dignity of teenagers, through a course of language development and sale of products they make, which will acquire them money. Designed to be spatially transparent, the spaces encourage socialization while earning through learning and learning to earn whilst bridging the gap between capital and education through expertise. 

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations

Mapping the Existing System

Proposed Programme

Site Analysis

Key Spatial Concepts and Design Development

Final Design Proposal- Floor Plans

Final Design Proposal- Roof Plan

Final Design Proposal- Sections

Final Design Proposal- Sections

Process of Place making