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VIGYAN SHALA : A Centre for STEM Learning

Vigyan Shala emphasises STEM education, promoting children and teenagers to research and innovate through immersive hands-on making and learning. It involves critical analysis and problem-solving techniques that stimulate enquiry and experimentation at a younger level. Advancements in science and technology are changing the ways students learn and interact with each other. Learning through STEM builds confidence and leadership skills of individuals to take up initiatives in life, to get better job opportunities and to make the community adapt to the changing world, thereby integrating it to the larger spectrum.  

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations

Mapping the Existing System

Key Takeaways and Proposed Programme

Site Analysis

Design Development and Key Spatial Concepts

Final Design Proposal - Plans

Final Design Proposal - Sections

Final Design Proposal - Sections

Final Design Proposal - Elevation and Model

Process of Placemaking