Mathangi M


Yuv-Tarang: A Synergy of Learning

Yuv-Tarang is a youth run initiative which aims at bringing the youth of Keshavnagar together to form a club which organizes and conducts classes/ events for continuing their education and developing various skills, while simultaneously earning an income. Owing to the existing system, Yuv-Tarang kickstarts with the activity of collecting unused items from the chawl to make playful things out of them, which can later be sold to acquire an income to sustain the intervention. Yuv-Tarang follows the concept of fluid, multi functional spaces which provide flexibility for the teenagers to utilize for learning. Complete Portfolio

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Report Content

Preliminary Observations

Learnings from Interactions: Common Vision Statement

Mapping the existing system

Proposed Program and Site Analysis

Design Development





Process of Placemaking