Panchal Parth Mukeshbhai


A Playful Catalyst

The loving community is a neighborhood formed for people affected by leprosy. There are around 450 residents of different cultures and religions, who were migrated from different parts of the country. In the current situation, this cheerful community is facing discrimination and isolation from the surrounding areas, due to the social stigma of leprosy. There are other problems like severe water-logging, insufficient space for dwelling, not proper space for children to study and bad conditions amenities like public toilets and playground. So designing a children's library is an attempt to break down these barriers through architecture.

The design intends to create a space that has its own evocative and playful atmosphere. To achieve this specific quality of space, the idea is to rejuvenate the important amenity of the community which is an isolated and uninspiring playground,  barely used by anyone.  The main idea is to design a playground along with the library, having an inspiring environment that allures children of any community to come, learn, and play. The intervention being a center point between two communities works as a catalyst to dissolve physical and mental boundaries.

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Report Content

Ideal reading space

Ideal reading space

Ideal reading space

Site plan with new playground and library in red

Design process diagrams

Design process diagrams

Axonometric view of library

Plan of playground and library


Axonometric view of playground with context