Wadhwa Aastha Sarvesh Manjuli


Ethno-botanical centre

The project evaluates the present ecological mechanisms operating at the abandoned basalt quarry and attempts to recover the distressed landscape by accelerating the ongoing process of renewal.
The site is imagined as a body, and the proposed intervention as a prosthetic to the site, serving as an inorganic component of the multi-species landscape. The mesh and outer envelope (prosthetic) responds to the ecological forces and further adapts to the changing conditions once it has surpassed the requirement of human needs. 

The intervention thus serves as demonstration of a material - tectonic- environmental interface between ecological and infrastructural requirements setting an example for a bio-integrated approach to an ecologically sensitive site. 

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Report Content

Ecotone illustration - 'Impermanence'


Bio receptive mesh

Three components of the architectural intervention - bio receptive mesh, bio receptive outer envelop and inner structure.

Speculative stages of microbial habitat development

Roof plan

Section highlighting the relationship of the structure with the cliff.

Environmentally active, protective and structural layers of the outer shell in relation to north light detail.

External elevation

Front elevation

Project Video