Subham Pani


Farmer's market & agro research center

The project hovers around the pedagogy of Posthumanism, multi-species relationship, renewability, and adaptability in the context of an abandoned basalt quarry site at Champaner Gujarat. By suggesting an Ecotone Architecture recuperate the dilapidated site based on the reading of Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing’s materialist thinking. The project explores by finding clues through a mapping procedure and then bolsters the site by suggesting a Farmer's market and an advanced agricultural lab program, which will allow multispecies kinship by storing water at the various pocket on site. A vision of 100 years is envisaged for ecological recovery, simultaneously contributing to the local economy.

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Report Content

Speculative zones encouraging multi-species habitat

Hydrology map


The strategy of response (response-ability)

Rethinking Patna Opium Factory

Site, Context & Program

Layout of farmer's market and research center with 100 year vision

Site Section & View through market area, aquaponics & water testing lab

Axonometric & section showing construction

Vision 100 years