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Harshil Daxesh Amin


Institute of Apiology and Apiculture Research

The project intends to create a datum for beings to come together to collaborate and meld their knowledge and experience for a better present and future. It is a platform for multi-species collaboration for the recovery of the ruins. Driven by strategies such as consolidation, hybridity, and prosthetics; the project aims to delay and counter the aspects of ruination such as erosion and disintegration. The built interventions are the catalysts to speed up the recovery of the ruins. Like an absorbable suture, the intervention becomes one with the site after fulfilling its purpose. Thus, the project aims at creating a space which is truly in present; which creates an Eco tone across time and space and where things meet and integrate to repair and rejuvenate the ruins created by human activity of the past

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Sections through Lab