Heer Vikas Upadhyay


A Tale of Terraces and Connections

Forlorn and helpless, I dawdled across the no man’s land, with a heart heavier than steel. I was doomed. My family had disowned me and I had no friends to lean on. Nowhere to go. It felt as if I was walking on a thin rope with no end. It was in this moment of utter desperation, that I heard some distant giggles. Giggles from a street across the no man’s land. At first, it was scary because no one inhabited any property around. But it was not long when I heard some intense cheering and shrill whistling. Without a second thought, I started walking towards the origin of these blatant sounds. I kept walking, and walking, and walking with a curious mind until I laid my eyes upon something magical, or might I add, utopian. It was a prodigious neighborhood, with houses not too high and thus not alien to the ground. There were trees and bushes all around and the fragrant flowers cast a spell on me. It felt as if I had entered a galaxy of terraces and balconies and everything green! None of the houses looked the same and yet they all felt strangely connected. There was a subtle breeze of uniformity around. A comforting breeze. As I walked across the neighborhood, I was smitten with the step gardens and the playful elements it had to offer. What was even more soothing was the airy surroundings and open spaces. For the first time, in a very long time, I did not feel claustrophobic. There were birds chirping and dogs barking, all at once. It was surreal. But what was even more awe-striking was the ocean of people around me. People, seemingly from a plethora of backgrounds and races, brought together, on the same land. It was such a homely feeling. There were chatters on the floating corridors and some quarrel in the badminton court towards the edge of the site, yet unanimity and love conquered all. I knew where was I going to have my next dream home and I never felt more sure.

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