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Dhriti Rajnikant Mistri


Creation of Interactive Neighbourhood Through Openspace

The project is an amalgamation of qualitative and interactive spaces to create a contemporary Highrise structure whereas it tries to break the notion of linearity and central core services. It even tries to take initiatives to resolve the issues and concerns of highrises. The design is cautious about proportions of built-unbuilt spaces that makes the humane more interactive towards habitats even it breaks the mindsets of people not to go with highrise by providing nature on floors with maximum open spaces. The whole site offers indulgences to people to live a hygienic and luxurious lifestyle.   

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Report Content

Neighbourhood Study- Hollywood Basti

Collage l Spatial Installation l Issues and concerns of High rise

Site Drawing l Massing Exploration l Spatial Sketches

Master Plan l Built- Unbuilt Plan l Hierarchical Plan

Site Section l Sketches

Exploded views of cluster and units

Cluster Plan

Cluster Plan

Cluster Sections