Ratadia Bhavya Hasmukh


Meandering Transcendence

The studio journey encountered various episodes in dealing with socio-cultural aspects of life and how could we make our neighbourhood more livable and healthy. The process of the studio encountered several questions dealing with the human aspects of urbanity. The meandering transcendence means something which is beyond the human experience and binds the notional and the physical aspects together. It is attempted by taking a human-centric approach right from conceptual thinking to design manifestation. Further, the theoretical framework becomes the lens and helping aid for each design decisions based on human-human, human -nature and human -physical environment interactions and taking walkability as inspiration from Jan Gehl’s theory of human dimension.

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Report Content

Site Introduction and Dock Diagram Study

Urban Mapping

Time Problem

Activity Matrix and Activity Abstraction

Concepts for Master Plan

Central Space

Understanding the Block

Progressive Sections

Unit Plan Exploration