Dudhiya Jui Milan



Sway Tie-up is a project named on the base of its concept of staggering and connecting those staggered blocks through an elevated walkway. The site is Dhanvantri Garden (Paldi) . As we are redeveloping the existing neighborhood with higher FSI, vertical housing is a must. In existing condition of the city as well as the neighborhood, most of the vertical towers are isolated as well as less interactive. By providing different functions at different levels comprising of existing activities as well as newly proposed activities, I would like to bring the interaction at different levels in the  Proposed settlement.

Report Content

Theoretical Framework based on Jan Gehl's Theory & Site Study

Proposed Activity Patterns

Conceptualizing Activity Patterns


Master plan

Central Space plan

# Discoid Linkage (Central Space design)

Edge design

#Overhang (Edge design)

Aerial view of the Neighborhood